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Auditions Update

Shakespeare in Paradise will be holding auditions for A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM and WOMAN TAKE TWO next week. WOMAN TAKE TWO auditions will be held on Thursday July 15 at 6:30 PM at the Hub (Bay Street just east of Victoria Avenue). Director DAVID JONATHAN BURROWS will be in attendance. A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM auditions ... More

Shakespeare in Paradise Shoestring Workshops

After a short hiatus to close out this year’s business, Shakespeare in Paradise is back on track. We are preparing to host our flagship workshop programme in conjunction with the Shoestring Players. Michael Calderone (link good for Facebook members only) will be holding the inaugural workshop, designed for those who will ... More

Where do we go from here?

Last week the SiP executive had the first of a series of debriefing meetings to go over the successes and shortcomings of this year's inaugural festival. The general consensus: things went far better than we expected. Of course there were some definite areas which weren't as good as we'd have liked. Perhaps the most important ... More

What We’ve Been Up To

OK, I know it's been a little quiet over here in our corner. We've made our announcements about tickets, we've got our flyers out and about, and you're wondering when you can get in on the action and actually come get some tickets from us, am I right?

Well, if I am right (and hello, you should be wondering when you can come get some tix), know that we aren't sitting idly by waiting for stuff to happen. The biggest challenge we're having at the moment is getting our main venues to confirm that we can actually hold the festival there! Everybody's made encouraging noises, but when it comes down to the wire -- like whether we can publish our schedule without worrying about whether or not somebody's going to say Hang on, we didn't approve that and make us change it all up -- we need something concrete to lean on, and that's what's missing.

But that's par for the course in The Bahamas. The good news is that our smaller venues have all confirmed and are on board big time. For those of you who are wondering, they are:

The National Art Gallery of The Bahamas The Hub The Humidor The Marley Resort Nirvana Beach Resort

But we have to wait for the theatres to say "Yea" before we release schedule and tickets to the public.

... More

Shakespeare in Paradise on Star 106 for 2nd week running

Tune in to Tony & Greg this morning to hear the directors of The Tempest talk about Shakespeare, theatre festivals, and The Bahamas! More

Ken Corsbie to Perform in The Bahamas for the First Time in over 30 Years

SiP Blog was able to interview another of October's performers: Mr. Ken Corsbie, a theatre veteran who hails from Guyana!  Mr. Corsbie brings a mixture of forms to his performances that we will all enjoy. SiPB: How did you become involved with Shakespeare in Paradise? Ken Corsbie: By coincidences, happenstances, luck.. I ... More

Shakespeare in Paradise on Star 106.5 FM Tomorrow

Check Star 106.5 FM tomorrow, Thursday August 27th, when Tony and Greg will talk about SHAKESPEARE IN PARADISE with Nicolette Bethel and Philip Burrows during the "Morning Express". Tune in and be informed! More

Shakespeare in Paradise (and other things) on the Morning Boil tomorrow morning

We got a phonecall from Island FM inviting the president of Shakespeare in Paradise, Nicolette Bethel, to appear on "The Morning Boil" after the news on Thursday August 20. Shakespeare in Paradise isn't the only topic of conversation, but it'll be one of the things we're talking about. So why not tune in? Tomorrow. After the ... More

Workshops & Rehearsals

Mikey Reiach's production workshops began Monday night at the National Dance School. I (Nicolette) caught the end of the workshop, and I can tell you that those people who are enrolled in it are getting great exposure to what it takes to create live theatre.I'll reiterate: the workshops are free of charge, but they do carry the ... More

A Few Words from Tempest Co-Director Craig Pinder

Shakespeare in Paradise Blog had a chance to ask Tempest co-director Craig Pinder a few questions in regards to the upcoming production. Here's the Q & A: SiPB: How and why did you become involved in Shakespeare in Paradise? Craig Pinder: I saw the announcement of 'Shakespeare in Paradise' on Facebook and immediately ... More