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Shakespeare in Paradise Kicks Off

The first shows of our first theatre festival opened last night to solid and appreciative audiences. A person can't be in all places at once, so I attended the opening night of Music of The Bahamas at the Dundas, while the people at the Hub and our trusty volunteers handled the audience at the Hub for Love in Two Acts. And ... More

Music of The Bahamas Rehearsals Begin

Music of The Bahamas was auditioned on the weekend at St. George's Anglican church in the Valley, and began rehearsals at the same place last night. Directed by Philip Burrows, who is mounting the production for the fourth time, with Adrian Archer as Musical Director -- his first time in this role -- this production, which ... More

Music of The Bahamas Auditions

Were held yesterday beginning at 4 p.m.Went well, though turnout was lower than expected.All in all, 12 people came out to audition at St. George's Anglican Church.Rehearsals will begin very soon -- music rehearsals will start mid-week.We're on our way!!!! More

Announcing Shakespeare in Paradise!

This fall, from 5th-12th October, 2009, Shakespeare in Paradise will meet the world! Designed to expose locals and visitors to the best in World, Caribbean, African, and African American theatre, Shakespeare in Paradise will celebrate theatre in all its forms, not just Shakespeare. This year’s festival will be anchored ... More