Love In Two Acts

Love in Two Acts

Poster art concept by Amy Salter for Track Road Theatre, redesigned by Lindsay Braynen for Shakespeare in Paradise

It’s with pleasure that Shakespeare in Paradise presents Track Road Theatre’s reprisal of its evening of two one-act plays about love, which premiered in Nassau in February 2009. The two plays are short and small, adapted for a Bahamian audience their European originals by Matthew Kelly, who also directs the productions.
The first, The Open Door, is an intimate story of impossible love originally written by UK playwright Alfred Sutro and published in 1922. Kelly has kept the dramatic core, but has adapted the characters and some details to fit the local audience. The second, The Bear, is another love story of sorts, this one by Anton Chekhov, the great Russian playwright and short story writer. It’s typical Chekhov, with Russian passion all over the place, and tension up the wazoo, and it stood in sharp and successful contrast to the smaller, tighter, subtler Sutro work.
The performances take place in the Hub,  in the three-quarters round. The intimacy of the space and the closeness of the action lend an energy to the performance that isn’t common in Bahamian works. For audiences familiar with Track Road’s repertoire, this production provides an unusual but successful departure from their usual fare, and people who missed the shows earlier this year are strongly encouraged to catch them now.
Adapted and directed by Matthew Kelly
Performance Dates:
Monday, October 5, 2009 @8:00p.m. – The Hub
Tuesday, October 6, 2009 @8:00p.m. – The Hub
Sunday, October 11, 2009 @3:00p.m. – The Hub

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