Caribbean Voices with Ken Corsbie

Caribbean Voices

Poster art by Reuno Pratt

A veritable Jack of all trades, Ken Corsbie is the authentic and complete Caribbean storyteller, standup comic, poetry performer, workshop leader, teller of folk tales, literary and personal stories. He brings the sound, the sun and the songs of the islands. He brings the rivers of the rainforest; he brings the rhymes and rhythms; he brings the voices and variety of the Caribbean – the textures and sounds of the islands mixed with those of North America. Ken’s varied and versatile repertoire crosses through Caribbean folk and literary tales, “performance” poetry, satirical and humorous anecdotes, personal stories of growing up, living in and leaving the Caribbean, arriving and becoming an American. He tells them all with “stereotypical” (his words) West Indian wit and flair.
Ken Corsbie was born and grew up in Guyana to parents from Trinidad & Tobago. He says he is one third Chinese, one sixth Scottish, one fourth African, two seventh Amerindian, one seventh Welsh, half Trinidadian, one tenth Barbadian, two fifths Guyanese, and therefore a “full-blooded West Indian stereotype”.
He emigrated to Barbados in the 80’s and for the next seventeen years worked throughout the island chain, from Guyana to Belize, as a solo entertainer, educator, journalist, storyteller, poetry performer, stand up comedian, theatre designer and director.
Finally, in 1996, he settled with his wife Elizabeth in America, becoming a U.S citizen in 2003. He continues to perform in the Caribbean and North America where he runs workshops, designs, directs, tells at festivals, cafes, schools, universities, libraries, after dinners, anniversaries, conferences, and special events.
Produced, directed and performed by Ken Corsbie
Performance Dates:
Tuesday, October 6, 2009 @8:00p.m. – The Hub
Wednesday, October 7, 2009 @8:00p.m. – The Dundas Theatre
Saturday, October 10, 2009 @8:00p.m. – Nirvana
Monday, October 12, 2009 @3:00p.m. – The Dundas Theatre

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