Crowdfunding Sammie Swain

Well, our crowdfunding exercise has come to a close on

39 people collectively contributed $4,082 on the website, and 8 people gave us another $555 more cash-in-hand, and have also got more pledges, for a total (so far) of $4,637.

The good news is that this is more than any single corporate sponsor or granting agency has to date contributed towards this event. OUR CROWDFUNDERS ROCK!!

The not-so-good news is that we’re not even 10% of the way to our goal.

We are going ahead with Sammie Swain regardless, but we are working in the full knowledge that this may be our swan song. Unless we can raise more funds, Shakespeare in Paradise may bankrupt itself on this venture!

So  keep watching this space for ways in which you can still help!!


If you’re a Shakespeare in Paradise fan, chances are by how you’ll know that this year we’re celebrating the fortieth anniversary of Bahamian independence by reviving E. Clement Bethel’s The Legend of Sammie Swain.

You’ll also know that we’re projecting that it will cost us $100,000 to produce.

Since May, we’ve been bombarding corporate Bahamas and the government for their assistance. We’ve been doing so in the hope that both sectors will recognize the value of what we’re aiming to do, but we haven’t got very far. So far we’ve raised $8,500 through those channels. That’s 8.5 per cent of our goal, and October’s around the corner.

It’s pretty clear that we’re not going to reach our fundraising goal by going that traditional route.


So we decided to turn to the general public for help.  We’ve set up a campaign on Indiegogo, the world’s crowdfunding platform, to raise half of what we need, $50,000, through crowdfunding.

Crowdfunding is the technique of raising funds directly from those people who support your work, who believe in your project, and who want to help you succeed.

It’s built on the principle that if a lot of people give a little money each, great things can happen.

Our project was launched on August 1, and so far we’ve raised over $2,500, some 5% of our goal. This is great going! Apart from anything else, it’s just over a quarter of what we have managed to raise from the government and corporate Bahamas, and it’s taken us only two weeks to get that far.

But we’re still a long way away from our goal. So we’re trying something new.

In the first place, we want to make sure our campaign is seen by more people!

Spend a dollar, save Sammie Swain!!

We’re inviting YOU to join the campaign by contributing just $1 to our project!

We’re dreaming, right? How can your contribution of just one dollar make any difference at all?

Because the more people who get involved in the project, the more prominence our campaign gains on the Indiegogo website.

One of the great things about Indiegogo is that it can help promote your project for you. If we do the work and get noticed, Indiegogo will feature our project on its webpage. And that will spin off into more funding from around the world!

So all we’re asking is for people to contribute one dollar to our campaign this weekend. But here’s the catch. Once you’ve made your $1 contribution, please spread the word about our campaign by inviting 20 other people to join us too. Use the sharing tools at the top of the Indiegogo page! Use Facebook, Twitter, Plus, email, your own website. Get the word out there! We want to raise our gogo factor and get noticed!

$1 + 20 shares = us closer to our goal!

For our part, we’re going to sweeten the pot. When you contribute $1 and share with your friends, we’ll track how far your dollar goes. Every time you refer the campaign, our gogo factor goes up. And every time one of your referrals lands another contribution, your referral factor goes up for us. At the end of the weekend, the person whose referrals land the most money will be sent a Special Limited Edition Sammie Swain T-shirt designed by Kachelle Knowles and Julia Ames.

It’s win-win-win all round!

What are you waiting for? Spend your dollar at

and start spreading the word!

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