Young Artists’ Programme

Theatre is a collaborative art form, not limited to performance. In this world of commodity and advertisement, theatre productions also require a visual presence, a branding that can best be provided by visual artists.

The Young Artists’ Programme of Shakespeare in Paradise was established to give art students and young professional artists the opportunity to hone their craft and to expand their portfolios.

The programme works on a barter system. Young artists are approached to design the poster images for the different plays. They work with Art Direcrtor Julia Ames, a seasoned graphic artist who donates her time and expertise to their development, and are taught how to turn those images into industry-standard graphics. These graphics are used on the website and in the programme booklet by Shakespeare in Paradise, and reproduced as wearable art on a limited run of 30 t-shirts. These shirts are sold at productions and given to sponsors. Remainders are set aside as collectibles to be sold at future festivals.

The artists are paid in kind: in copies of their t-shirts, posters, and the programme booklet. They are also included in all promotional activities of Shakespeare in Paradise, and their images are featured in all the advertising for the festival. They are also given season passes to the shows, are invited to VIP events, and are given the opportunity of putting their contacts on the artwork and having those contacts available at all the shows.

The programme is designed to be a win-win solution for Shakespeare in Paradise.

The festival gets exciting, vibrant and relevant artwork for each production, while each artist gains industry experience, exposure and opportunities for further advancement.

Young Artists’ Programme Artists:


Merchant – Matthew Wildgoose
Out o’ Wedlock – June Collie
Mr & Mrs Blacke – Lindsay Braynen
Lion City Live – Reuno Pratt
Speak the Speech – Zyandric Jones


Julius Caesar – Khia Poitier
Dis We Tings – Rashad Ferguson
Mariah Brown – Kachelle Knowles
Lovestruck – Reuno Pratt
Pat Rahming Alias Pat Rahming – Charlthorn Srachan


A Midsummer Night’s Dream – Lindsay Braynen
Woman Take Two – Jeffrey Meris
God’s Trombones – Matthew Wildgoose
Dat Bahamian Ting – Charlthorn Strachan
Indio/Horn of Plenty – Reuno Pratt
The World Is My Home – Reuno Pratt
An Evening with Derek Burrows – Bernard Petit
One Flesh – Julia Ames


The Tempest – Jace McKinney
Music of The Bahamas – Trevaughn Neely
One White One Black – Jace McKinney
Caribbean Voices – Reuno Pratt
Zora – Lindsay Braynen
Love in Two Acts – Amy Salter with Lindsay Braynen (re-imaging of production art)
Light – Jonathan Murray (reprise of production art)

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