We’ve received several inquiries about how people can get involved in Shakespeare in Paradise, so we thought we’d write a page that provides people with information about our aims, our goals, and how we work.

What we do:

Every October, SiP presents a festival of plays for a wide audience. Plays are selected according to the following criteria:

  • Signature Shakespeare Production – one of Shakespeare’s plays, dramaturged for a Caribbean audience
  • Signature Bahamian Production – a classical Bahamian work, either a well-known play OR a folklore show, or, occasionally, both
  • International productions – each year we source works from the African and Caribbean diaspora to bring to the festival
  • Local original productions – each year we seek to include local productions in the festival as well

Shakespeare in Paradise selects and produces only the Signature Productions. We don’t produce plays from scratch at this time. All other productions are sourced from elsewhere.

So how do you get your production included? There are several ways:

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