The Landlord Cast

Casting is now complete for the Signature Bahamian production for Shakespeare in Paradise 2015, The Landlord by Sam Boodle. Directed by Shakespeare in Paradise’s Artistic Director, Philip A. Burrows, the production goes into rehearsal on July 1st and is scheduled to have both student matinee and public performances during the festival. Last seen on stage in Nassau in 2003, this play has been a popular one for Bahamian audiences throughout the years and we thought it was time for it come back again after a break of twelve years.

Here are the cast members for this production: d&lDion Johnson will play ‘Willie Paul’ the mechanic of Haitian decent who lives in one of the houses that share a common yard. Johnson is presently preparing to once again play ‘Styles/Buntu’ in Sizwe Banzi is Dead as he and Mark Humes (‘Sizwe’) get ready to perform that play in Cayman later this year.

Coming off of her three-character tour de force performance in The 39 Steps,   Leslie Ellis-Tynes will take on the role of ‘Olga Newbold’, the independent woman of the yard. Leslie should be familiar to many Bahamians as an actress, voice-over artist and radio and television personality aka Leslie LezzBoogie.b&vBrentwood Thompson will play ‘Ellis’ the rent dodging gigolo who is conveniently absent on rent day, or any other day the Landlord comes calling. Thompson is best known as a performer with James Catalyn and Friends, having been in just about every production the company has done since 2011. Brentwood was also in the film Crazy Love and in season two of Gippie’s Kingdom

Valicia Rolle
plays ‘Sarah Roberts’ the man-stealing daughter of the play’s chief rent dodger ‘Mabel Newton’. Rolle returns to Shakespeare in Paradise having played two roles in 2010 in our evening of Jeanne Thompson’s one acts, “Out of Wedlock”. First as the conniving ‘Young Sweetheart’ in Father’s Day and then as ‘Maude’, the housekeeper, in Back of the Moon, seeking justice from the Priest who got her pregnant.R&RRichard Johnson will play ‘Mr. Ben’ the yard’s elder statesman. Having spent his time on the contract, ‘Mr. Ben’ is content to sit out in the yard all day and take on anyone who would join him in a friendly game of checkers but does he really cheat? Richard was recently featured in.

Rosemary Barrett
plays ‘Mabel Newton’ the Landlord’s real cross. She refuses to pay any rent until she can be told “how much dis roach ness worth”. Barrett most recently played a ‘Neighbour (Christian Woman)’ in The Legend of Sammie Swain who chastises the young people about their “vulgar” dancing only to be caught up in the middle of the Jumpin’ Dance during the celebrations.R&LRudy Levarity will play ‘Rufus Clarke’ the long-suffering Landlord who had no idea the hurdles he would have to go through to just collect his rent. Levarity, so far, is the only actor in this production that returns to this play having played the same character some twelve years ago. Rudy was recently featured in Island Boy.

Leah Duncombe plays ‘Carla Darling’ who is on a quest to find the woman who has been seeing her husband. Darling was seen in Ian Strachan’s Pa and the Preacher (on stage) and Gippie’s Kingdom (on television). Other productions include, Jacinta and the Devil, First Things First and Sarah’s Wedding.scottScott Adderley will play ‘Jakes’ (the Fishman). A close friend of ‘Mr. Ben’ from their days on the Contract together, the two still hang out to drink and play checkers. Adderley joins Rudy Levarity to become the second actor in this production to return to The Landlord, having played the character of ‘Jakes’ back in the 2003 Ringplay production. Scott is probably one of the most familiar actors in Ringplay/Shakespeare in Paradise having participated in a number of the group’s productions over the years.

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