Ramping up for 2014!

And there are some exciting new prospects on the horizon!

Perhaps the most exciting of them all is the fact that our parent company, Ringplay Productions, is now managing the Dundas Centre for the Performing Arts.

Those of you who are longtime supporters and followers of Shakespeare in Paradise will know that the Dundas has been our home base for the past several years. This year, following the death of the former manager, Betty Knowles, Ringplay Productions, the company that produces and underwrites Shakespeare in Paradise, has taken over the management of the theatre.

Among other things, this means more theatre year-round, not just during Shakespeare in Paradise. And it also means that there will be just plain more theatre, as Ringplay is working on developing a second theatre space. Shh.

But in the meantime, watch this blog for information about Shakespeare in Paradise, which will be anchored this year by Romeo & Juliet!!

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