A Preliminary Line-Up

It’s September!

We’ve been working since April on this festival, because it’s such a special one–our fifth festival and the Bahamas’ fortieth anniversary of Independence.

Many of you know that our Signature Bahamian Work this year is The Legend of Sammie Swain, being performed for the first time in 28 years. We’re as excited as you are about it. But that’s not all there is to our festival!

In the first place, and well into rehearsal, we’ve got The Shrew, this year’s Shakespearean offering. It’s got a cast that’s full of newcomers to the local stage, and it’s going to be funny and shocking and we hope it’ll start many conversations about men and women, about marriage and relationships.

Then we’ve got Speak the Speech 2, a continuation of last year’s journey through Bahamian history using speeches and correspondence. We’ll be widening our sources to plays and poetry as well, since it’s pretty tough to get our hands on all the documents we need to to get us from 1973 to 2013. But we’re promising something to turn out to, and something to think about.

We’re also proud to introduce d’bi young anitafrika’s sankofa trilogy to Bahamian audiences. d’bi is a powerful performer who hails from Jamaica and Canada and who we’ve been trying to book for a couple of years now — don’t miss her work!

There’s one more item on our agenda, but we’re not yet ready to announce it. When we are, we’ll make a splash!

Watch this space!!

Our featured image is taken by Dominic Duncombe

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