Out o’ Wedlock

Show art by June Collie
Art direction by Julia Ames

Jeanne Thompson is probably best known as a writer for her 1970s radio soap opera The Fergusons of Farm Road. She has written a number of plays and has also acted onstage. Ms. Thompson’s newest work, Back of the Moon, will be produced for the first time as part of an evening of one act plays that we are calling Out o’ Wedlock. The second play to be performed will be Thompson’s classic work, Father’s Day.

Set in the 1950s, Back of the Moon explores what happens when Maude, a local maid, accuses an Englishman, a religious minister, of fathering her child. This comedy takes place in a communal yard shared by four families from the tiny Black Bahamian middle class. Together with other members of the community, they first enjoy the gossip associated with the ongoing scandal, but are increasingly forced to choose sides when Maude takes the Englishman to court for maintenance. Added to those happenings is the day to day life of the community dealing with such things as a runaway goat (or was that a sheep?), a crooked fish man and the quest to get into the best school (St. John’s or Government High?).

The cast for Back of the Moon is as follows:

Fr. Albury – Beaumont Todd
Mrs. Albury – Nicolette Archer
Robert Albury – Andre Roberts
Mr. Bethel – Anthony Roberts
Mrs. Bethel – Senobia Sabala
Janet Bethel – Gabrielle Sterling
Rachel Knowles – Valene Rolle
Mrs. McKenzie – Claudette “Cookie” Allens
Maude Rolle – Valicia Rolle
Mrs. Sands – Julie Ritchie


Father’s Day deals with the wondering Zeke, a “married man” with at least two women on the side. This classic exchange pretty much tells us about him:

Sweetheart: (Calling from outside) Zeke, Zeke, I know you inside there, I see your car.
Zeke: Oh God.
Young Sweetheart: That’s your wife?
Zeke: No man, my wife don’t carry on like that. That’s my Sweetheart. Tell her I ain’t here.

This production will make the fourth time that this play has been staged over the past twenty-five years and each time it’s been very well received. A little bit of trivia, Jeanne Thompson was the first to play the role of ‘Sweetheart’ and Claudette “Cookie” Allens has played ‘Rose’ in all productions, including this one.

The cast for Father’s Day is as follows:

Zeke – Anthony “Skeebo” Roberts
Rose – Claudette “Cookie” Allens
Sweetheart – Julie Ritchie
Young Sweetheart – Valicia Rolle

This evening of one acts is directed by Philip A. Burrows.

Out o’ Wedlock will be performed at the Dundas on the following dates and times:

Thursday, October 4th – 8:00pm – The Dundas
Friday, October 5th – 8:00pm – The Dundas
Saturday, October 6th – 2:00pm – The Dundas
Saturday, October 6th – 8:00pm – The Dundas
Thursday, October 11th – 8:00pm – The Dundas
Friday, October 12th – 2:00pm – The Dundas
Friday, October 12th – 8:00pm – The Dundas
Saturday October 13th – 2:00pm – The Dundas

The artwork for this production is by June Collie. Art direction by Julia Ames.

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