Lion City Live

As a part of the continuing celebrations for the 50th anniversary of Independence for both Jamaica and Trinidad, Shakespeare in Paradise is pleased to announce the inclusion of Lion City Live as a part of our 2012 theatre festival. Lion City Live comes to us from Trinidad and features the duo Freetown that includes Muhammad Muwakil and Lou Lyons.

Freetown is a resurgence of music and philosophy. From the firm groundations of Rastafari and Islam, born on the diverse island of Trinidad come forward two young men carrying the banner flag of a generation yet to properly define itself. Philosophers at heart, poets and musicians, the concept of Freetown follows on the concept of the personal burden of each individual to create a Free Town in his or her mind firstly, once free one can free others, in essence to create a free town out of every single individual we encounter on this journey. Since their journey began, the brothers have been to London, Guyana, Grenada and Cuba and have received national songwriting awards in Trinidad. Currently they are working on their first album which is also the soundtrack for a movie being shot by the Blue Cinamon Group out of Los Angeles called God Loves the Fighter.

Lion City Live will only have three performances during the festival. Venues and performance dates will soon be announced on this site and we will also soon be announcing the featured work that will be representing Jamaica at the festival so keep checking this site, Facebook and Twitter for further information.

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