ANNOUNCING: Dis We Tings 2011

Shakespeare in Paradise is gearing up for its third annual festival, to be held this year from September 30-October 8, 2011, with student previews on September 28-30.

This year’s Signature Bahamian Production is Dis We Tings 2011.

In this rewriting of the 1990s smash hit franchise Dis We Tings, we take the same concept but apply it to 2011 Nassau.

The original Dis We Tings series was designed to re-introduce traditional Bahamian activities to a generation who were losing touch with their heritage owing to the widespread provision of electricity, satellite television, and increasing global travel. In those productions, imagined by Kayla Lockhart-Edwards and Derek Burrows, and written by writers as diverse as Nicolette Bethel, Greg Lampkin, Tex Turnquest, and Kayla Lockhart-Edwards, Bahamian audiences were reminded of their musical and cultural heritage throughout the ages.

The twenty-first century has brought even more rapid and bewildering changes. Young Bahamians are reared on cable television and the internet, and are far more familiar with global trends than with local traditions. Moreover, the completion of the urbanization of New Providence has created a generation that may not recognize local fruit and vegetables, much less be familiar with traditional songs, dances, and heritage. And the absence of history instruction in school has bred a generation of Bahamians who are more familiar with American history than with their own.

Time, then for a new and updated Dis We Tings!!

Re-created by Nicolette Bethel from the original premise, written by Patrice Francis and a team of COB students including Jonelle and Cherelle Fox, and featuring Patricia Bazard and members of the National Children’s Choir and the Boys’ Choir of The Bahamas, Dis We Tings 2011 promises to re-introduce “tings Bahamian” to a generation who may be too overexposed to the world to know what is great about their own country, and to remind their parents and grandparents why we should never forget who we “is”!



Open auditions for Dis We Tings will be held during the week of July 18-24. Parts are available for male and female singers and actors of all ages.

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