Shakespeare in Paradise Shoestring Workshops

After a short hiatus to close out this year’s business, Shakespeare in Paradise is back on track.

We are preparing to host our flagship workshop programme in conjunction with the Shoestring Players.

Michael Calderone (link good for Facebook members only) will be holding the inaugural workshop, designed for those who will become teachers in their own right of the method, during the week of January 4 – January 9, 2010, location TBA.  Weeknight sessions will take place from 6-10 PM nightly, and the Saturday session will be all day.

The workshop is by invitation only. We were able to secure permission to hold it free of charge from the founder, Joseph Hart, on the condition that we adhere to the following principles:

  • it be open only to Bahamians and/or long-term (permanent) Bahamian residents, to ensure that the skills learned are invested back into the Bahamian community
  • we use it to train teachers of the Shoestring Players method who will share their skills and knowledge with Bahamians in the community
  • we use it to build and revive the Bahamian theatre industry by creating theatre for children that will cement their interest and involvement in theatre moving forward.

Each of our invited participants will attend the workshop (which is training valued at about $6,000 per person) on the condition that those who benefit from the workshop “pay it forward” by committing to offering five free workshops for Bahamians in their turn.

Shakespeare in Paradise will facilitate two of those workshops in 2010, one before and one nearer to or during the second annual festival. In keeping with the agreement with Mr. Hart, these workshops will be open to the public and will be free of charge. Those people who will take the workshops this January’s master class/workshop will provide our knowledge base.

In the future, Shakespeare in Paradise intends to include a production for children based around the Shoestring Method in our festivals, starting in 2011. So keep your eyes peeled, your fingers crossed, and your magic caps on!

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