Decompression and Forward Movement

Well, the first Shakespeare in Paradise has wrapped, and we’ve been hibernating for the last week or so, trying to decompress and think about how to move forward. But you can’t recover forever, and it’s time now for us to begin thinking about next year.

But there are still some things that we have to do to close out this year’s work. Check this site for updates, photographs, and reviews about the first year, and keep checking as we keep you posted on the ways in which we are working for next year.

We’re so totally grateful to all of you who have assisted with our getting this off the ground. We’re grateful, as we have said already, to all our partners, our venues, and our sponsors. But this is now the time for me also to say thanks to all our volunteers!! You are far more important and valued than you can possibly realize. But the biggest thanks must go out to our cast members — the over 100 people who performed in various capacities in this Shakespeare in Paradise. THANK YOU ALL!!!

And the rest of you: watch this space.

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