Day Four at Shakespeare in Paradise

Today marks the half way point of the Shakespeare In Paradise theatre festival. We have only heard very good responses about last night’s opening of Zora at the NAGB. At The Dundas, Caribbean Voices was also well received and people are still discussing and debating One White One Black.

Even though the Bahamas Plays and Films Control Board has given One White One Black a rating of “T”*, the folks at Shakespeare In Paradise feel that a “C” rating might have been more appropriate as the content of this work is very adult and we caution parents about children attending.

Music of The Bahamas played at The Humidor to a small audience who paid $95 for dinner and the show. This production will be back to its regular $25 price tonight, once again at The Humidor. For those who were looking to see Music of The Bahamas at The Marley Resort and did not purchase tickets, please note that the performance at that venue is Sold Out.

Tonight is the opening of our signature production of the festival, William Shakespeare’s The Tempest. When we last checked there were only a few seats available for this performance and the matinees tomorrow and on Friday are Sold Out. If you are interested in seeing The Tempest, your best bet would be to try and book for either Friday, Saturday or Sunday evening’s performance but please be aware that tickets for those nights are also selling fast.

See you at the festival!



*note: the Bahamas Films and Plays Control Board has since upgraded the rating for One White One Black to a C. Parents and other attendees, take note

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