Shakespeare in Paradise Kicks Off

The first shows of our first theatre festival opened last night to solid and appreciative audiences. A person can’t be in all places at once, so I attended the opening night of Music of The Bahamas at the Dundas, while the people at the Hub and our trusty volunteers handled the audience at the Hub for Love in Two Acts. And afterwards, people from both places convened on Alexandria’s on Delancey Street for the Festival Bar!

Audience reaction at both places was positive. Here’s what Vanessa Small of Junkanoo Beat had to say about Music of The Bahamas:

SHAKESPEARE IN PARADISE…was so off the chain.. and such an important cultural event…
This is a show I said I am not going to attend..I was bombarded with too many emails… etc..etc..etc..
I went to opening night at was completely bowled over.. I still in shock and awesomeness of the talent of Bahamians…

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and here’s what Kim Aranha had to say about Love in Two Acts:

Just came back fro “Love in Two Acts”; the first of the Shakespeare in Paradise productions….wonderful, so much talent and too small an audience! Go and see it friends, you won’t regret !

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