What We’ve Been Up To

OK, I know it’s been a little quiet over here in our corner. We’ve made our announcements about tickets, we’ve got our flyers out and about, and you’re wondering when you can get in on the action and actually come get some tickets from us, am I right?

Well, if I am right (and hello, you should be wondering when you can come get some tix), know that we aren’t sitting idly by waiting for stuff to happen. The biggest challenge we’re having at the moment is getting our main venues to confirm that we can actually hold the festival there! Everybody’s made encouraging noises, but when it comes down to the wire — like whether we can publish our schedule without worrying about whether or not somebody’s going to say Hang on, we didn’t approve that and make us change it all up — we need something concrete to lean on, and that’s what’s missing.

But that’s par for the course in The Bahamas. The good news is that our smaller venues have all confirmed and are on board big time. For those of you who are wondering, they are:

The National Art Gallery of The Bahamas
The Hub
The Humidor
The Marley Resort
Nirvana Beach Resort

But we have to wait for the theatres to say “Yea” before we release schedule and tickets to the public.

Why? you ask?

Well, simply, The Tempest.

It might be easy enough, you’d think, to go to a big park (or a beach, as one of our followers suggested) and throw up our Shakespeare play there, using the daylight like Shakespeare used to do, and we’d all really be in Paradise. But in reality, there’s a whole lot more to it than that.

Shakespeare in the Park is all very well and good in places where municipalities and arts agencies and corporations and so on all accept the need for, and the cost of, art, and where there are sources of funding already in place. The typical Shakespeare in the Park is free to spectators. We can’t afford that!! And to make an outdoor venue secure enough to ensure people’s paying to access it is more expensive than to go to an indoor venue that’s already set up for theatre. One day, when Shakespeare in Paradise is established and accepted and self-sustaining, then we’ll be able to go in that direction — but not this year.

But in the meantime, here’s where we are:

Posters – finalizing art for posters for our shows. We’ve got a great arrangement — visual artists are donating their services in return for having their art put on limited-edition t-shirts with their contact information. Check back for more information!

Brochure and programme – we’re putting the closing touches on these so that we can have some good print support for the festival

Creating and selling school packages – if you want to see plays, you can come through your schools (but to really make that happen we need people to help subsidize the cost of student tickets)


Coming up with special deals. C’mon. The price of $25 a head is pretty special, all told — included in it is one free drink at that night’s festival bar, PLUS you get great live performance? But we need you guys to believe in us and help us cover our costs so we can bring this back next year — we’ll offer discounts for students and for groups, but we can’t discount everything. Still, look out for specials!!

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