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Music of The Bahamas Auditions

Were held yesterday beginning at 4 p.m.Went well, though turnout was lower than expected.All in all, 12 people came out to audition at St. George's Anglican Church.Rehearsals will begin very soon -- music rehearsals will start mid-week.We're on our way!!!! More

Production Workshops Full!

Fifteen people have been admitted into the Production Workshops (how exciting is that?!), which means that unless someone drops out, Mikey has his hands full. You can still email him at mreiach (at) gmail (dot) com if you are interested and he will let you know if a space opens up. We're excited!!! Hope you are too! More

Shakespeare in Paradise Production Workshops

Shakespeare In Paradise Production Workshops start on Monday August 17, 2009. Bahamian theatre technician Michael Reiach, graduate of the Sheridan College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning’s theatre programme and veteran lighting and sound operator, will share his expertise with interested students in preparation ... More

Auditions for Music of The Bahamas

Shakespeare in Paradise is pleased to announce auditions for Music of The Bahamas by Nicolette Bethel & Philip A. Burrows, a docu-musical adapted from E. Clement Bethel's M.A. Thesis Music in The Bahamas: its Roots, Rhythm and Personality. Music of The Bahamas will be directed by Philip A. Burrows, and the Musical ... More

The Tempest has been cast!

A very special thanks to all those who came out to audition for The Tempest over the past two weekends. We were impressed both with the level of interest and of talent, and we've found something to do for everyone who came out. Now begins the hard work -- we start reading the play tomorrow, coming to terms with the language, ... More

Web-interview with Tempest Co-Director, Patti-Anne Ali

Shakespeare in Paradise blog published an interview with one of the directors of October's The Tempest, and now we are able to bring you an interview with the next. Here's Patti-Anne Ali's exciting Q & A: SiPB: How and why did you become involved in Shakespeare in Paradise?      Patti-Anne Ali: I met Dr. Bethel ... More

Second Casting Call

We're still looking for a few good men. All the female parts have been cast, but we're still looking for some men for The Tempest. We'll be auditioning at the Hub, Bay and Colebrooke, between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. Saturday August 8th, 2009. More

A Few Words from Tempest Co-Director Craig Pinder

Shakespeare in Paradise Blog had a chance to ask Tempest co-director Craig Pinder a few questions in regards to the upcoming production. Here's the Q & A: SiPB: How and why did you become involved in Shakespeare in Paradise? Craig Pinder: I saw the announcement of 'Shakespeare in Paradise' on Facebook and immediately ... More