Setbacks and Solutions

Well, as we announced, Patti-Anne Ali, our co-director for The Tempest, arrived in Nassau last week. She’s been working with the cast all week, and been allowing Craig to switch hats and focus on developing the character of Prospero.

But nothing is without complication. There have been a couple of setbacks for the cast of The Tempest over the past week or so, with the result that the cast has changed face a little.

You’ll see a post announcing the cast here, on the Ringplay Blog. As originally constituted, the cast of The Tempest was as follows:

Prospero – Craig Pinder
Ariel – Dana Ferguson
Caliban – Kennedy Storr
Miranda – Nicole Fair Bhatti
Ferdinand – Gene (Lucas) Cage
Gonzalo – Gordon Mills
Michaela Alonso – Jane Poveromo
Sebastian – Mik Bancroft
Antonio – David Jonathan Burrows
Stephano – Anthony K. T. Roberts
Trinculo – Mark Redgrave
Adrian – Roger Gibson
The Captain – Sean Nottage
Boat Crew/Spirits – Mary Knowles, Jovanna Hepburn, Stephanie Braynen, Nicolette Turnquest, Travis Cartwright-Carroll, Bernard Petit, Wel’Andra Francis, Bernard Farquharson, Paul Redgrave, Annee Wildgoose, Darion Spence

But it’s changed a little, as follows:

Wel’Andra Francis and Bernard Petit ultimately chose not to become involved in the production.

Gordon Mills had to pull out owing to a personal bereavement, and Mark Redgrave because of an ongoing work conflict.

No fear, though — their parts were recast. The Spirits work as an ensemble; and replacements were found for Trinculo and Gonzalo by engaging Dion Johnson to play Trinculo, and by asking Jovanna Hepburn to move from the Spirit chorus into the role of Gonzalo, feminizing it.

In the end, we’re happy!

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