Kim Brockington talks about her Excitement to Bring Zora to The Bahamas

Kim Brockington had so much to say about coming to The Bahamas in October and performing Zora, a one woman tour de force written by Laurence Holder and directed by Wynn Handman. Here are Kim’s sentiments summed into a few precious words:

I can not even express my excitement!
First of all, it means more to me to come to The Bahamas because it’s Paradise!!!!  So its’ like being invited to the best party on earth. And I am coming to tell a story of a great  woman who loved Bahamians!  ZORA !….  who also studied and did lots of anthropology work in The Bahamas, so I know she would love
this and I believe the Bahamian people will as well.

Zora wanted to preserve cultures and the ways of our people and never lost sight of what made us as wonderful and great as we are. She used Bahamian songs and dances in some of her work. So it is most appropriate for her story to be included in this wonderful festival.
Also as an African American woman, I feel honored to tell the story of this great woman of history who wanted to preserve our history by studying anthropology and writing about all people of color.
Also I play Zora in the PBS documentary Zora Jump at the Sun, which some people may have seen but the play is much deeper and even more entertaining!

For more about Kim and about Zora Neale Hurston, see the Zora page on or Kim’s website –

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