Music of The Bahamas Rehearsals Begin

Music of The Bahamas was auditioned on the weekend at St. George’s Anglican church in the Valley, and began rehearsals at the same place last night. Directed by Philip Burrows, who is mounting the production for the fourth time, with Adrian Archer as Musical Director — his first time in this role — this production, which looks at Bahamian traditional music, what it is and how it developed, is one of the most popular shows ever mounted by Ringplay Productions.

It’s not a long show, and it takes the audience from slavery to the mid-1940s, focussing on traditional, a capella Bahamian music. It provides a great way for people to learn about the foundation of Bahamian music and the range of traditional musical styles. If you’re into music, and specially if you are only familiar with the range of Bahamian music that developed since the 1950s in night clubs and later in studios, this is a good chance to hear the other, older, archipelago stuff!

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